Price Range

affordableNOA’S ART offers paintings that are not only excellent quality, but also very affordable. Art galleries typically add as much as 50-70% commission onto the cost of the art they sell.

Because we are mobile and do not have any store expenses, our prices are very competitive. We offer excellent value – our oil paintings come in a wide range of prices and can fit any budget.

If you have just purchased your first house or if you have recently moved and are thinking about re-decorating your home, we can help you.

If you have always imagined a beautiful piece of art in your home or if you simply love and appreciate fine art and would like to purchase some- but have not found the time – please let us know. We are happy to help!


PRICE RANGE  according to size

36*48 Canvas – 350$-550$-700$ (Free art consultation)
36*48 frames -185$-425$-550$-650$ (framing delivery and installation at the clients house is included)

Custom maid sizes are available as well.Please call us.

All of our paintings are Hand painted oil paintings.

The Art consultation at your home is FREE.