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Bring Art into Your Home

Creating an art gallery in your home is a great way to achieve high impact with modest effort. Your art selections will tell your guests a lot about your personal style. Plus, a home art gallery is easily changeable to suit the season, a special occasion or your mood.

Choose your theme. Will your gallery consist of works by favorite artists? Shadowboxed mementos from personal experiences or family history? A portrait gallery of family members? Or, a mix of all these styles?

Select the location. You will want a spot where guests are sure to see – and admire – your gallery. It’s up to you if you want the gallery to be a focal point for a room, or a subtle compliment to an overall design theme. Avoid spots where your artwork will be exposed to direct sunlight, but also keep in mind that indirect light and artificial light can both damage artwork too. Never hang important pieces directly over a heat source or in an area with high humidity – such as a bathroom.

When creating groupings, select frame styles that are compatible with the room decor, and mat styles and colors that coordinate well with each other. You might consider organizing pieces with a particular theme that compliment a specific room in the house.

To ensure you and your guests will enjoy your art gallery for years to come, be sure to properly frame and preserve each treasured piece. At NOA’s Art custom framing options are available to help preserve your oil paintings for years to come.

Custom framers can help protect your gallery pieces from fading, becoming brittle or yellowing with age by using the proper framing such as the one’s provided by NOA’s Art.

Paintings For Your Home

You might want to buy few nice paintings for your home or office but aren’t able to figure out what exactly to opt for. Purchasing tasteful paintings is a costly affair and hence needs adequate preparation. Before making a purchase, one should be aware of the various genres of painting.

Landscape painting is exactly what it sounds like- depiction of landscapes. These paintings are known for their striking landscapes with animals or people in the background or nothing at all. Another subgenre by the name of waterscape painting has also become popular.

Portraits are relatively close-range renditions of people. These portraits chiefly concentrate on realistic details of face, body, clothing and background. Its subgenre, animal portraiture, depicts animals especially pets in realistic details.

Still Life oil paintings focus on depicting objects from close range in realistic terms. Flowers, fruits, glass wares, or other decorative objects on a table or a flat surface usually form the subject of these paintings. These paintings focus on depiction of objects in realistic terms rather than using impressionistic techniques.

Abstract art paintings focus on line, shape, color instead of realistic forms. An abstract painter tries to project a certain mood or create a visual effect. Since abstract painting has multiple styles, choose only those that match the color scheme of your home interiors.

It is not much a matter of concern whether the paintings are original or reproductions of any famous art work. Choose painting styles that best match your home interiors. Landscape paintings in a big living room look majestic. On the other hand, abstract paintings look better in rooms with warm colors. So do your best to choose the painting type that best matches your home interior and enhances its overall look and feel.

Oil Painting Decor

Interior design is a passion of many and for those who love home decorating there are certain aspects of style that really call out to them. One of these examples would be Van Gogh paintings, or perhaps art reproductions for the majority of individuals who can’t afford to pay millions for an original Van Gogh. Those people who like to decorate with style and elegance, especially with paintings hung on the wall, will find that art reproductions are outstandingly beautiful and a wonderful way to save money while decorating with elegance.

Of course, decorating is not always easy and it actually does require hard work. Decorators must incorporate style and elegance as well as functionality. The tastes of the owners should also be considered as well as the budget set forth for the project. If you like decorating on your own, however, then you can make a plan yourself and follow through with it just as you please. Visiting stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and others are outstanding because you can find great furniture and items to decorate the home with for an affordable price. The items at these stores change daily so you will have to really go through the items to find if all the pieces you want are available or not. It’s too much effort for the store to keep everything organized, but if you possibly can search through everything it will help you.

Another tip for home decorating with style and elegance is to come up with a color palette you want and find a way to incorporate those colors in your home. Fabrics, paint, furniture, wall hangings, and even those beautiful Van Gogh art reproductions are good ideas. You may want to go for bright colors or soft colors, or even use a mixture of different palettes throughout your house. What is important is that you find a way to have each room lead into the next. So, you don’t want to have a red room that just turns into a yellow room. Instead, you want a red room that has some yellow accents and then gradually add more accents as you enter the next room to keep everything combined well and beautiful.

If you are stumped on how to decorate your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even entire house then you can count on NOA’s Art. Save money while decorating your home like the famous and wealthy do. NOA’s Art has a team of experts ready to help you decorate your home with custom oil paintings and framing.

Decorating with Oil Paintings

You can bring the beauty of Art right into your home with amazing oil paintings and 1-on-1 consultation with a specialist that will assist you in decorating your walls with the perfect paintings.

Whether you are looking to go all out in redecorating your home or if you are on a tight budget, using oil paintings to liven up rooms is a quick and affordable solution. Unique services such as Noa’s Art bring you a team of designers that will help you and your custom needs.

When decorating your walls with art, it is important to take into consideration the color, proportions and feel that you want. You should also take note of the type of furniture in the room; by using the perfect framing you can easily combine the oil painting of your choice into a room.

However, using art for decoration isn’t just about saving money. You want to get the best results and sometimes opting for the cheapest solution isn’t the best choice. For example many tend to use Art Prints which are a reproduction of paintings but printed on paper. Although these maybe cheap you are getting what you paid for, art prints do not last much and will fade away very quickly, especially if you place it in an area with direct sunlight.

At Noa’s Art you only get the finest paintings. They are a reproduction of well known paintings but reproduces on canvas with oil paint so you get only the best product on the market. Noa’s Art brings the paintings right to your home and also offers custom framing to make sure that it combines with the room of your choice. Plus, oil paintings have a long lasting life so you can rest assured that your art decoration will not fade away and will last your for years to come.

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