Re-Shape any Room with Art

Wall art is an easy way to solve your interior design dilemma as it can easily bring life and personality to any room. Hanging oil paintings correctly and using the right framing can drastically changed how a room looks and feels.

Framed art paintings can help give a room more of your own personality without taking too much space and wasting money. You can easily pick art pieces that fit with the color, style and furniture of a room.

Did you know that placing oil paintings in a room also helps absorb noise. Bare walls will make the room look empty as well as having an echo. Using wall art is an affordable solution to upgrade the feel of a room.

Using oil paintings is a very important tool when it comes to interior decorating. You can use them to reflect your personality while changing the look of room such as giving the illusion of width or height.

Home Decorating with Picture Frames

Decorating your home with amazing oil paintings with custom frames gives your home a unique and beautiful look. But it’s not just about picking any painting,frame and hanging it up on a wall. That is why NOA’s Art brings you an experiences decorator to help you pick the right paintings and frames to go along with your style, furniture and feel of the room you want to decorate.

Getting started is easy, there are a variety of custom oil paintings to choose from as well as oil paintings replica’s of well known art pieces. Framing is very important as it is the connection between the art piece and the room. Picking the right frame will greatly improve the look of your room. NOA’s Art also offers custom framing so you will always find the right solution.

Overall, it is important to have fun. Decorating your house should be a way to bring in more comfort and life into a room and using oil paintings and custom framing is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to achieve this.

Custom Art Framing

Finding the perfect custom picture frames is one of the most important parts of buying art. Choosing the right frame and acid free mount board will work to enhance the overall aesthetic look of the piece as well as complement the overall decor of your room.

Using the right framing for your paintings helps it prevent any dust and dirt from potentially damaging it along with preserving of the piece. Custom picture frames also help prevents fading or sustaining damage over time while bringing attention to the piece itself.

Pay attention to the colors in there as well since they play a large part in the decision of custom picture frames. Are there any shapes used in the furniture in the room that may influence the type of frame you’ll use? These small details and elements of the room play a large part in your choice of shape and trim of the art framing supplies.

Here at NOA’s Art we help you from start to finish making your custom art framing an easy task. Our design team can assist you in picking out the right color and size combination to make sure your framing matches the style and feel of the room.

How to Arrange Your Oil Paintings

In order to get the maximum effect of your wall pictures in terms of adding character and a focal point to the room, you need to decide where and how you want to hang them.

Here are some suggestions to help you decide how to get the best effects from your pictures:-

Modern Gallery Look: To create a modern art gallery feel, particularly nice in hallways, lobbies and stairwells, give each piece ample breathing room. Stand at the center of the first piece and take one swift, or two small steps along the wall. This is a good center for the next piece.

Above a Sofa: When placing art above furniture such as a sofa, you need to hang the picture about six to nine inches above the sofa, or at eye level.

Cluster Arrangements: Tightly group an even number of pictures together to give a statement or a focal point. This works on either large or small wall spaces, depending on the look you want.

In a row: By placing an odd number of pictures in a horizontal line to each other gives balance and the sense of space. This works well in hallways or stairwells.

By deciding where and how to hang your pictures, whether it be a tight cluster or a single print above a sofa, you can then determine the size and shape of the pictures you need to buy.

When you have decided on the room’s function, color and style, you are in a much better position to go shopping for wall pictures that fit in with the overall theme.

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