Bring Art into Your Home

Creating an art gallery in your home is a great way to achieve high impact with modest effort. Your art selections will tell your guests a lot about your personal style. Plus, a home art gallery is easily changeable to suit the season, a special occasion or your mood.

Choose your theme. Will your gallery consist of works by favorite artists? Shadowboxed mementos from personal experiences or family history? A portrait gallery of family members? Or, a mix of all these styles?

Select the location. You will want a spot where guests are sure to see – and admire – your gallery. It’s up to you if you want the gallery to be a focal point for a room, or a subtle compliment to an overall design theme. Avoid spots where your artwork will be exposed to direct sunlight, but also keep in mind that indirect light and artificial light can both damage artwork too. Never hang important pieces directly over a heat source or in an area with high humidity – such as a bathroom.

When creating groupings, select frame styles that are compatible with the room decor, and mat styles and colors that coordinate well with each other. You might consider organizing pieces with a particular theme that compliment a specific room in the house.

To ensure you and your guests will enjoy your art gallery for years to come, be sure to properly frame and preserve each treasured piece. At NOA’s Art custom framing options are available to help preserve your oil paintings for years to come.

Custom framers can help protect your gallery pieces from fading, becoming brittle or yellowing with age by using the proper framing such as the one’s provided by NOA’s Art.