How it Works

how-it-works1 1. Call NOA’S ART   1-800-929-0211  TO GET A FREE ART CONSULTATION AT YOUR HOME

2.Noa will arrive with hundreds of HAND PAINTED OIL PAINTINGS Aat your home. you will be able to see all the paintings on your walls.Noa and her team of disigners will help you choose the best paintings that works with your style.what a great and easy way to shop for art!

3. Noa’s Professional Framer will frame and hang the art for you,in your home,in just a meter of hours.


NOA’S ART has helped decorate hundreds of homes across the United States. NOA and her team of designers make the process of decorating and matching the specific oil paintings to your home easy, convenient, and affordable. They are familiar with different styles of residential architecture and knowledgeable about unifying elements such as scale, color, lighting, and style.

NOA and her designers understand how these fundamental elements relate to the style of your home and will help you choose an oil painting that contributes to creating a beautiful interior space.

Our service is fast and efficient. After setting up an appointment, our designer will come to your home with a wide variety of oil paintings in different styles and sizes. In the relaxed atmosphere of your home, and with the personal help of our designer, you can choose the painting that will best enhance your home and in no time, you will have a beautiful piece of art hanging on your wall! NOA’S ART offers high quality service and will guarantee that our clients are 100% satisfied.