Paintings For Your Home

You might want to buy few nice paintings for your home or office but aren’t able to figure out what exactly to opt for. Purchasing tasteful paintings is a costly affair and hence needs adequate preparation. Before making a purchase, one should be aware of the various genres of painting.

Landscape painting is exactly what it sounds like- depiction of landscapes. These paintings are known for their striking landscapes with animals or people in the background or nothing at all. Another subgenre by the name of waterscape painting has also become popular.

Portraits are relatively close-range renditions of people. These portraits chiefly concentrate on realistic details of face, body, clothing and background. Its subgenre, animal portraiture, depicts animals especially pets in realistic details.

Still Life oil paintings focus on depicting objects from close range in realistic terms. Flowers, fruits, glass wares, or other decorative objects on a table or a flat surface usually form the subject of these paintings. These paintings focus on depiction of objects in realistic terms rather than using impressionistic techniques.

Abstract art paintings focus on line, shape, color instead of realistic forms. An abstract painter tries to project a certain mood or create a visual effect. Since abstract painting has multiple styles, choose only those that match the color scheme of your home interiors.

It is not much a matter of concern whether the paintings are original or reproductions of any famous art work. Choose painting styles that best match your home interiors. Landscape paintings in a big living room look majestic. On the other hand, abstract paintings look better in rooms with warm colors. So do your best to choose the painting type that best matches your home interior and enhances its overall look and feel.